No missionary endeavor can truly succeed without the prayers and support of God's people. This is especially true when a project is in its first stages of development. The great burden of gospel work is not to rest only upon the shoulders of a few. While many cannot themselves go deep into the heart of a mission field, they can be used as God's helping hand to support and care for those who do make this sacrifice. This ministry currently supports several full time laborers/staff members at Sutherland who are instrumental in helping to initially develop its campus and curriculum. More staff members will need to be hired on in the future in order to help run a functional school, all needing your support.

In addition to our staff, we also have students who need sponsorship in order to support themselves while attending College. We are currently running a work scholarship program which needs funding from supporters like you to aid worthy students in attending school.


Other needs are great as well. We are currently in need of finances to purchase materials to continue building the school facilities as well as to collect potable water. There is also a balance still to pay in order to completely pay off the school property. If you would like to help with any of these needs, please click the button below and indicate where you would like your gift allocated. Thank you very much and may God richly bless you!