Victor Nychae is our resident native translator and missionary evangelist who works closely with missionaries who travel to Africa from the U.S. Being fluent in English, Ki-Swahili as well as the Kisii and Kikuyu languages, he is an instrumental aid in helping the school project to move forward. Victor has a deep love for souls and has conducted evangelism throughout the Eastern African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. He currently serves as Sutherland's General Manager and is also active in the building and evangelism departments.

Meet Collince John Otieno, from Tanzania, who joined SBC originally as a student. After nearly 2 years of faithful work and study he has now become one of our new staff members! Collince works in the building and agriculture departments and has just recently accepted the position as our Building Department Manager.

UPDATE: On Saturday, April 1, 2017, our beloved brother Collince passed away. We hope to see him again at the resurrection of the righteous on that glorious day when Christ shall come.

Enoch Bokmbe is our new full-time farmer who has moved to the property to help with our school farm. He also has a wife and 5 children he supports through his farming and trade as a carpenter.

Emily Bokombe, the wife of our resident farmer, also helps with care taking the school property. She prepares delicious and healthy meals and is an overall help to us at SBC. We are thankful to have her with us!

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The Mandigo Family - Loren, Lisa, Victoria, Moriah, Jessica, and Jonathan - launched to the Sutherland mission project in October of 2013. Loren served as our Project Director and was instrumental in establishing the school on its current property in Lolgorian. This courageous missionary family served God selflessly in the mission field and helped to build the initial buildings at SBC. Tragically, Loren died in March of 2014 from complications due to severe malaria. Lisa and her children chose to stay in Kenya to continue the work that they started and remained at SBC for the remainder of 2014. Lisa Mandigo and her children returned safely to the USA on December, 2014. Loren is buried on the Sutherland property awaiting the call of the Lifegiver and will come forth glorified to meet our Lord Jesus Christ when He comes the second time. We will be eternally grateful for their sacrifice and service.














Sean-Michael and Martha Stanley are newlyweds who joined their time, talents, and efforts to bring the light of the gospel to Africa. Sean is from the United States and is a proficient mechanic and also skilled in construction, agriculture, and loves teaching health. Sean has served as a missionary in South America and Africa over the past few years. Martha is from Colombia and is a literature evangelist. This faithful Christian couple gave a year of their lives to help establish small school gardens, conduct outreach in the local community and churches, and assisted in our sister Tanzanian church project.


Update: The Stanley's will be returning to Colombia on July 22, 2015, to continue their mission work and ministry to the peoples of South America. Godspeed!