As Sutherland is still in its infancy stages, currently we are focused on building the initial housing and dormitories necessary to house staff and students. Rock and sand is being gathered from the river and trees are being felled on the property to use as building materials for the construction of facilites on Sutherland's 50 acre campus.


Industries ​

Once the dormitories and staff housing are completed, it is our desire to focus on building necessary facilities to house industries which can also help to support the Sutherland school. Students and staff alike will be required to labor with their own hands and to win their own bread.


Water is an essential facet for life itself. Without it, we all die. We are currently adding collection barrels and gutters to collect rain water on each building. If you would like to support this project, please visit our DONATE page.







No missionary institution can be complete without an emphasis on health, nutrition, and medical missionary work. We aim to thoroughly train our students in the principles of proper hygiene, Christian lifestyle, health evangelism, and emergency medicine in order to become effective medical missionaries.


Agriculture is an essential part of Christian education. Our first parents were put in a garden and learned precious lessons from their Creator. We are in the process of developing the land for farming and gardening for the purpose of raising our own produce as a school and to also create a viable industry to help support the Sutherland College.




Finally, it is the sole purpose of Sutherland's existence to preach the everlasting gospel to help hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Education here on earth is only preparatory to our continuing higher education in the Kingdom of God.